Desiigner Slapped With Lawsuit

Desiigner Slapped With Lawsuit

Rapper Desiigner has been hit with a lawsuit for defamation over an Instagram post regarding his sister.

According to TMZ, last August, the New York-bred rapper took to Instagram to call out a company that claims to educate people on how to pay for college.

“This girl is a fraud,” the rapper wrote. “Tried to scam me into paying for my sister to get into Howard University and now she’s trying to hold my sister’s belongings. Please stay away from her and her college scams!! Warning stay away from the scammers daddys_girl202 collegegurljb.”

Now, the president of the company is firing back. According to the publication, Jessica Brown claims she did help the rapper’s sister, Siera Shelby, get into Howard. In fact, she says she also helped Siera secure a storage unit at the university, as well.

Problem is, Siera left the school for some reason and left her things behind, so says Brown. But, when she tried to return her belongings, she was told that Siera didn’t want it. Shortly after, Siera’s brother stepped in and called her out on social media. As a result, she is suing for defamation and invasion of privacy.

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