Skinny Fabulous, CDC, The News Newspaper – The Full Score!

Skinny Fabulous, CDC, The News Newspaper – The Full Score!

Last week, chairman of the CDC, Ashford Wood made known to the public that Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle has not only refused to defend his title in the upcoming Soca Monarch competition, but has also declined an invitation to be a guest act, in preference of another show in Barbados on the same night.

This sparked outrage from soca fans and the Vincentian public in general, with the majority questioning Skinny Fabulous’s sense of patriotism accusing him of bring a “sell out.”

However, what Ashford Woods failed to explain, was that the CDC extended their invitation to Skinny just about 2 weeks before the actual event, at which time, Skinny was already bound, in contract, to another show booked well in advance.

After facing harsh critcisms in the court of public opinion, Skinny Fabulous finally took to his own social media last Thursday, 23rd June, to state his case and clear his name with the following post:

“My response to all the negative posts regarding soca monarch and my non appearance. Below is a screen shot of my show schedule created since April.

But before I even go into my schedule

let me remind persons that in 2014 my own Vincentian Audience booed and bottled the stage upon the mere announcement of my name as the next performer. For reasons still unknown to me I was booed and stoned before even singing a note on the mic. I came on and performed and still showed love to those who booed me and those who cheered all the same. I lost that year and wanted to not return but anticipating the public opinion that staying out will make me look like a sore loser , I reluctantly said ok I’ll enter one last time but I’m gonna declare before hand that it will be my last one as I need a break. I’m 2015 I announced that it will be my last one win lose or draw. I went in hard on my performances and captured both groovy and power soca monarch titles.
After booing and stoning me the year before I captured the two titles but now the public had a different charge against me. And that charge was that I should stay out and let the new guys do their thing. Being already part of my plan i reconfirmed my plans not to defend the crowns.

I am an entertainer by profession. This isn’t my hobby. This is my life. I have a management team called pyramid that handles my bookings. CDC was informed formally and informally since last year that I was not going to enter. This obviously means that on June 02nd I have no show/no event and so management would have made the date available to any one. The CDC contacted me mid June to enquire about booking an appearance for June 02nd. At that point I indicated that management may have already been under a contract for another engagement. (NOT BARBADOS) Against all professional ethics I still tried to wiggle out of a signed contract in an effort to see if I can accommodate this last minute, very late request by CDC for an appearance and after several attempts to wiggle out of the contract Ashford Wood and I settled on me performing at 2 other cdc events instead (steel and glitter and junior pan I think) .

With that said my inability to facilitate a last minute request has no bearing on my patriotism. This is not a Lil side hustle for me. This is my way of life and it is managed and planned out professionally months in advance.

But it seems If I stay in I will either get booed stoned or cursed , and if I stay out and go about my professional life , I still get cursed and called unpatriotic. It’s a lose lose scenario it seems. Let’s not be this way people. Stop looking at any and every thing as an opportunity to pull down or cast negative shadows on ur neighbors, families, friends, country men, artistes, leaders and other Vincentians in general. 8 years I did soca monarch and invested my hard earned savings to make the presentation and show on a whole look grand and dynamic and exciting and the one year I stay out and couldn’t facilitate a last minute request I am all of a sudden a sell out? Come on guys.”

He accompanied this with a list of shows he has already been contracted for:

skinny tour

The following day however, the 24th of June, The News Newspaper published an article basically accusing Skinny of “prefering a Bajan show over Soca Monarch.”

img 20160628 wa0005 576x1024

img 20160628 wa0008 1024x576

This, coming after Skinny’s extensive explanation on Facebook, pretty much seemed like a direct attack on Skinny’s reputation as an artiste and a Cultural Ambassador.

On Friday night, the following press release was sent out from Pyramid Entertainment, Skinny Fabulous’s management and booking agent, in response to The News newspaper’s article, requesting an apology:

pyr press release skf news article 24 6 791x1024

According to Pyramid, The News newspaper has yet to acknowledge or respond to the press release. If an apology or retraction isn’t issued by the end of the week, management will be looking to Skinny for a decision on whether to move forward with legal action.




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| June, 28th, 2016
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